Science Based Six Pack Explains The Importance Of Nutrition For Fat Loss

Thomas Delauer just released the brand new Science Based Six Pack program, but he wants to clear the air with regards to any myths men may have about his intermittent fasting diet plan. It seems as though there are at least four untrue beliefs many guys tend to have about DeLauer's fasting practices. The following information makes it plain to see that you can lose weight in a healthy manner following DeLauer's program.

Myth Number 1: Feeling Famished

It is true that when you follow the Science Based Six Pack fasting plan, you will most likely feel a little hungry at first. However, the body will quickly start putting out special signals when it notices there is no food to process. The main one being beta-hydroxybutyrate, which decreases cholecystokinin, which in turn gives you feeling of well being. Thomas DeLauer explains how this process takes away the feeling of hunger, so you definitely won't feel like you're starving when you're following the intermittent fasting plan in Science Based Six Pack.

Myth Number 2: Feeling Tired

When you feel tired, poor brain function is usually a side effect of that accompanies it. Brain function can be affected by low glucose. The twist in the story is that the brain accepts beta-hydroxybutyrate as an alternative energy source. The interesting side effect is that studies in Science Based Six Pack have shown that the brain performs better with beta-hydroxybutyrate than it does with glucose. Therefore, not only do you not feel tired from fasting, you can actually perform better mentally as well.

Myth Number 3: Feeling Hungry

When the aforementioned chemical reactions take place, they “tell” the brain that the body is no longer hungry. In the meantime, the bodies healthy cells will start consuming excess fat cells the body doesn’t need. This is called Autophagy. What needs to be understood in this scenario is that fat cells have almost twice the number of calories compared to protein and carbohydrate cells, which in turn will take away the feeling of hunger.

Myth Number 4: Muscle Loss

Thomas DeLauer says this is the simplest myth to bust of them all. When a person fasts, muscle growth signals in the body can increase substantially! These signals are regulated by the pituitary gland, which is responsible for muscle growth.

Science Based Six Pack from gives men a research backed nutrition and exercise system to reduce body fat and get six pack abs without having to suffer from the lack of results an ineffective plan may give.