Cheap Apartments for Sale in Istanbul

Istanbul is one of the very most populous cities on the planet. The transcontinental place makes the town a crossroads of various cultures. Ever since the very first time a suitable settlement for a town has been set in 660 B.C from Thracians, individuals from various areas of the planet seen Istanbul.

Possessing an important role in binding both continents, Europe and Asia, constantly attracted ordinary folks, retailers, and even emperors. Being an organized and proper city began with Thracians, then Roman and Ottoman Empires maintained town. 

The dominant civilization and faith certainly changed throughout history, however, there’s one thing which has not changed; individuals from all over the world always came into Istanbul. 

Regardless of what the dominant civilization was, Istanbul always enhanced itself by absorbing something fresh from each single people and civilization that someway visited the town. Turkey is famous for reasonable property for the Turkish and also foreign investors, Tep Investment provides opportunity to invest in Turkey with Sale property.

Istanbul isn’t only Turkey’s attraction center but also the world. This is why during history Istanbul is a tempting town to reside in. Now, Istanbul is one of the most visited cities on the planet. Between January 2014 and October 2014, 10 million overseas tourists visited a town.

This statistic speaks for itself. Considering that at 2014 Turkey 40 million overseas tourists, the significance of Istanbul could be known better. Not just in tourism and historical background, but also in global flights Istanbul has a significant part on the planet.

In 2014, just Atatürk International Airports alone had 38 million passengers. And the one thing that holding Istanbul back to get more passengers would be the ability of the airport. Due to that, the Third Airport is under construction.