How to Get Rome Travel Advice

Ancient Rome in summer is much hotter than I noticed therefore i found myself proceeding out in the morning, taking a break over the midday heat (now I understand why the Italians have a siesta time) and then exploring again in the afternoon and early evening. You can hire rome travel adviser via various websites.

I also finished up wearing a head wear a lot and was quite amused at the many people who were holding umbrellas to keep the sun off them.

We were outside most of the time in places like the Colosseum, in the Forum (really no shade hardly to be found at all) and around the town centre. What I actually found though was fantastic clean water from the many fountains. I had a bus tour booked and my guide on the tour informed me to buy my first bottle of water and then just keep filling it up at the fountains and it is totally free!

The water was probably the cleanest drinking water I possess ever tasted and it was lovely and cold and saved me lots of money! In addition, she told me that if I forgot my jar of water, I could put my finger over the spout and get a refreshing spray of cold water that way.I had booked a Rome Vatican tour and I told my guide that I had read about an excellent Italian summer treat called grattachecca (hand shaven ice and fruits syrup).