What Is A Pressure Switch ?

Do you know what a pressure switch is? Well, it might surprise you to know that they are all around you. Chances are, you use more than one each and every day! Pressure switches are in your house, your automobile, your workplace or business, and even around your community. There are all types of mechanical devices that you use.

Ok, so you are probably wondering what exactly do they do, right? Introducing among the most significant inventions in our automatic world! Consider it like a”trigger” that when activated can lead to a second mechanical event to take place. You know how routine switches”split” or”complete” electrical circuits to activate lights and machines, right?

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Well pressure switches, also complete electrical circuits, but ONLY whenever the pressure inside the switch reaches a particular point, otherwise it prevents electricity from flowing. 

So take a few seconds to consider some mechanical apparatus you rely on that automatically turn on (or off) when pressure changes (I just thought of two good examples):

  • A Tire pressure indicator on your car or truck is a fantastic example.
  • An oil light indicator on your car’s dashboard is another.
  • For these two examples, when the pressure is reduced to a particular level which enables electrical to pass between the inner field of the change, a circuit is made and the warning (message or light ) triggers on your car’s dashboard or console.

Broadly, there are two types of pressure switches; “atmosphere” and”hydraulic” (liquid), which may use water or another liquid (such as oil). Bear in mind, pressure switches are still”switches” used to do more than just turn off and on lights.

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