Identify the Different Types Of Drills

Drilling is among the most useful and essential tools which have a vast array of applications. However, different applications require different kinds of it and you will find pieces specifically designed for individual functions.

There are over a hundred different varieties of it that may be used for different functions. The majority of these bits may be utilized in different ways. The pieces used for ceramics are different from those used for metals and timber.

Understanding the Different Varieties of Drill Bits

Morse or Twist piece: Among the most commonly and widely used piece comprises the twist bit. It’s specially designed to be used on various materials such as wood, metals, plastic etc. Nonetheless, these bits are rather unsuitable for precision drilling as it moves at a slower pace.

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Auger bits: These pieces are ideally utilized to bore thick and long holes in wood. It can easily cut thick and heavy holes on timber and man-made boards. The auger drill bits have a tiny chisel-like border near the tip of the piece. The whole piece has a spiral shape which aids in faster drilling procedure.

Split point pieces: Quiet like the twist pieces, the split point bits are more narrow and sharper. It’s used mainly for cutting plastics.

Tile piece: The tile pieces are used to bore holes on ceramic and glass tiles. These pieces have tungsten carbide tips and may be utilized in electricity drilling machines.

Bullet pilot tip: it’s comparable to the spur point pieces. It may be used on wood, plastic, and metals. It’s generally identified with a central purpose and two spurs.

Spur point piece: Also referred to as the Brad point bit, the spur point piece is normally used on wood. Additionally, it is referred to as dowel or wood piece. The spur point pieces have two spurs that are increased and a central point which helps to cut wood at a faster pace.

Masonry little: These powerful drill bits are used for drilling holes in concrete or brick. It’s fairly like the spin bit with specially designed cutting tips.

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