The Chair Massage And How It Works

Vibrating chairs that are used for massaging the body have no proven healing effect. But they could support health in a positive way, since the deep vibrations could be a muscle and overall physical relaxant which could really help in providing relief to stress. However, medical science still considers the process too hit or miss to provide it as part of their programs.

This product was tried on some decades back in medicine, but it found a real market for consumers that helped some manufacturers survive to this day. For chair massage Boston concerns, a number off relevant needs are being accessed and addressed by these manufacturers. They provide the products on order for companies and individuals who think the chairs could help them.

It is a nice enough experience, but some folks with dental fillings and false teeth could find these rattling out or shaken up. Dentures and removable oral gadgets are ideally left on a bin for later pick up after the massage is finished. The real effect, while better than hypnotic healing, and less than a sauna bath, is physical in nature.

Medical researchers however do not discount this process, which in the future could really become useful. This could be in conjunction with newer discoveries about the vibrations or ambient movement of cells, of the rotational or cyclic factors which are found for either healthy or unhealthy cells. And the chair might not be the perfect delivery system but it is the best one found today.

The main thing is the vibrations, which have adjustable speeds, and applied in certain programmed times. There is no precise time that is found truly effective, although beyond five or ten minutes of this, the discomfort factor could rise. This is not recommended for folks with cerebral palsy, arthritis or heart conditions.

But manufacturers are now tagging or packaging their units as vibrational massage providers with positive wellness effects. It means that companies having these could benefit by providing the chairs for employee use. Muscle relaxation is a key item through the workday and most staffers or employees do not really know how to work out the kinks from their bodies or are too tired to do so.

The chairs could be the perfect relaxation therapy for the everyday. Just five or ten minutes could do wonders for the muscles and perhaps the circulatory systems. Again, there is no proven medical effect from this kind of massage as compared to more intensive manipulation, and it is not recommended for pregnant women employees.

The chairs themselves may need some government certification for safety in use. While there have been no reported injuries or negative positive effects related to its use, users and manufacturers will be benefited from extensive research about its effects. The makers though have enough data and results from tests as well as user experience.

So in fact the massage chair is something of an instrument that provides light physical and psychological effects that translates to wellness. While this could not be tagged as medical in nature, the temporary, unique and stress relief provided are actual proven facts. Although the company medical team must be careful in studying employee data for those who could be disqualified to use it.

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