Where Have the Real Estate Investors Gone?

Real estate property professionals have been recommending property investors to enter quickly to purchase an investment property and beat the hurry as cashed-up child boomers transfer their riches from the currency markets to the real estate market.

This may seem to be like a reasonable claim as many Australians; especially those around retirement age feel that they understand real estate as in investment.

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That is something that they can see and touch whereas the stock market is something functions in mysterious ways that they do not fully understand. You can also check over here if you want to learn more about real estate.

The decrease in talk about prices throughout the world during the last 1. 5 years has entrenched this position and there’s a desire to safeguard what’s left of the retirement savings rather than being burnt by further declines in the currency markets.

However predicated on the latest loaning data the expected upsurge in property purchases is yet to materialize. Instead of real estate shareholders, it is first-time owner-occupiers who are sporting into the market helped partly by federal stimulus spending.

Tougher lending standards

Due to the Global FINANCIAL MELTDOWN (GFC) banking institutions have been establishing higher hurdles for buyers (and owner occupiers) to be eligible for a home loan. No deposit lending options which are partly blamed for creating the sub-prime problems are increasingly exceptional numerous lenders buying minimum 20% first deposit and proven loaning background before providing mortgage loan finance.

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