Stop Smoking on Skype

There are lots of ways to quit smoking, cold turkey, nicotine patches, champix, and hypnosis. The latter is well known to be the most successful. The question is can you do hypnosis over Skype?

There are a number of popular television programs where subjects are hypnotized. Have you ever wondered why you only see a part of the procedure?

The reason why is simple. The manufacturers could not risk viewers becoming hypnotized. Not that the process was in any way harmful but it could not be guaranteed that the audiences could be brought out of their trance state.

After all, someone could walk in and change the channel. Or there might be a black out. When a customer is hypnotized they have their eyes shut and they simply relax and listen. There’s absolutely no requirement for physical contact between the practitioner and the client.

So to prevent smoking on Skype is simple. Initially, each individual sees each other, there’s a brief discussion and then the customer closes their eyes and relaxes. At this time it does not really matter whether the hypnotist is in precisely the exact same room or on the opposite side of the earth.

It is not even a problem if the vision and sound are not precisely in time because with your eyes shut you don’t have any clue what is going on the screen. You can also browse to know more about the benefits of skype hypnosis sessions.

Any supporting material can simply be digitally downloaded. Therefore it doesn’t matter where you live, for those who have a broadband connection and a reasonably quiet area it is possible to stop smoking on Skype just as successfully as though you were there in person with the therapist.

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