Portable Event Toilet Hire – Health and Safety Tips

Sanitary facilities

1 Ensure that appropriate sanitary provision is perfect for the quantity of men and women anticipated to go to the event, and this thought is directed at a location, gain access to, and kind of facilities, light and signage.

2 Portable toilets so that folks are sheltered from inclement weather and trip dangers. The flooring, ramps and steps of the systems should be dependable and of a non-slip surface. It’s also advisable to protect connecting tube work to avoid harm and spills. You can also browse the web to get more information portaloo hire Melbourne online.

3 Toilets must be obvious, lit, and evidently authorized from all elements of the function. The areas and, where appropriate, the average person models, should be sufficiently lit during the night and in your day, if required.


4 Frequently ensure the maintenance, repair, and service of toilets using aptly experienced staff through the event to ensure they are stored safe, fresh and hygienic. Toilets have to be provided with wc paper, in a holder or dispenser all the time. Preparations should be designed for the speedy clearance of any blockages.


5 Where available, provide toilets at various locations across the venue somewhat than concentrating in a single small zone, to lessen crowding and queuing difficulties. Consider inserting toilets at regions of high interest or congregation such as, pubs, main periods, camping areas etc.

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