Buy Your Dream Home

While driving you may have seen the signs along the highway with the words we buy homes inscribed on the sign, and a telephone number. These are local private investors looking to the real estate market as a better way to increase their investments. Right now banks are only paying about one per cent for money deposited in the bank, and the stock market is very volatile right now. By visiting you can buy your dream home.

The interest rate that the banks are paying is not very attractive to most investors so the real estate market has become a better place for them to invest. Real estate investors purchase houses from distressed homeowners at a discount, and then resell them at a higher price to potential homeowners looking for a home to purchase.

As a property owner at first you could feel that this isn’t much for you. For a long time you been employed by hard to keep your home, and today you are being asked to provide away your home’s collateral to a stranger. For a few homeowners this may be really the only buyer option accessible to you.

If you are considering the remodel you will need to get some estimates from a licensed general contractor in your state. A good contractor will provide you with the information necessary in making the decision as to whether you want to move forward with the remodel.

It is best to get more than one estimate. A good number is three contractor estimates. Compare the contractors repair estimate with the Realtor’s assessment of needed upgrades for the house.

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