Important Parts of A Microscope

The basic design of the microscope hasn’t changed  over  the time. They’ve evolved, but the basic concept remains the same.

Several important parts

  • There are several important parts that lots of types of microscopes have in common. All of the parts of a microscope must function properly for the microscope to operate well.
  • If one part is substandard, it can render the microscope useless. The significant components of a microscope are the lenses, the arm, the tube, the illuminator, the point, and the adjustment knobs.

Kinds Of Microscope

There are two kinds of lenses onto a microscope.

  • The eyepiece lens, also called the ocular lens is at the peak of the microscope. This is the part that people look through.
  • The ocular lens is not adjustable on most versions. The objective lens provides much of the microscope’s magnification.

A micro raman spectroscopy usually have a  different objective lenses which vary in strength. The objective lenses are contained on a circular part positioned between the eyepiece and the stage.



Different objective lenses are chosen based on their own strength. When someone wishes to use a different strength of objective lens, they turn the circular disk to place another lens over the point.

Microscope Tube

  • Aside from the lenses, the other parts of a microscope are the tube, the arm, the point, the illumination and the adjustment knobs. People look through the ocular lens and tube and watch from the objective lens in the bottom.
  • The arm joins the lenses and the stage. It protrudes into the side and gives a handle to carry the microscope also. The stage is where the object is placed for evaluation. click on the link here for more about  about Microscope.

Stage clamps

Stage clamps secure the microscope slides into the stage. The microscope slides contain specimens such as blood or other fluids. The illumination is below the stage. This part offers light to create the specimen easier to see.

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