Know More About Singapore Condo

Many people are now turning away from the house buying situation, but they want buying a condo.  Many condos are large enough for a family and have the additional luxuries that aren’t available in many houses. They are also less expensive than buying a traditional home on a parcel of land.

The upkeep of a condo is everybody’s dream – it’s non-existent. Only a small monthly payment which you can budget for – and no nasty surprises!

If you buy a bellewaters condominium with a fixed rate mortgage you can maintain  budget  with the help of real estate agents .



life is a lot easier when you can count on the fact that the lender can not push your mortgage up and the flooding water pipe is not your worry! Think condo!

Reasons for purchasing a condo 

One  good reason for purchasing a condo is the price. If you’re a first time buyer and looking for an inexpensive start to your property investment career, think condo.

You’ll have a piece of property at market price that will get you on the bottom rung of the property ladder; as the market rises, so will your condominium. If you want more explanation regarding sol acres visit

The investment factor is a no-brainer, but there are numerous other aspects of condo life to consider before you do create the condo choice.

  • Just about all of us can give up the idea that we will have no more maintenance to perform on our houses. Even mowing the lawn isn’t your job; neither is shoveling the snow, repairing the roof or fixing the pipes. No choices to ponder there. However, due to these pluses, there are also rules that go along with them.
  • Maybe renovations aren’t permitted to be completed by you or your contractor. Maybe you cannot rent out your condo if you go away, or perhaps you can. These principles are different in each condo and need to be assessed by you before buying.

These are unique to every condo and they are usually implemented by the Home Owners Association (HOA)

  • To a very large extent these principles simply protect your way of life. However, you do have to be assured that the principles ‘fit’ your lifestyle; (i.e. no noise after 11 p.m. will not match if you are a late night celebration person). So long as the principles agree with your way of life, they will be unobtrusive to you.
  • There are lots of distinct sorts of condos to choose from. Think about what you like: Large balcony? Terrific view? Two bathrooms? Luxury kitchen? Once you’ve got a list, go and see a real estate agent who knows the condos in your area. He or she’ll narrow the field and then you can both have a while to check the choicest ones out.

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